The most technologically advanced banking platform on the market today.

A completely modern, modular, non-legacy, SaaS banking platform that is specifically architected to address the key challenges facing financial institutions today.

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A robust, multipurpose banking platform built with data at its core.

Leveris is the universal banking platform for forward thinking financial institutions. We are the only banking platform on the market that enables banks to access real-time customer data and real-time data warehousing.

Who is Leveris for?

Whether you are a growing traditional or challenger bank, a large, multinational financial institution or a non-traditional banking organisation, Leveris has your technology needs covered.

  • Banks


    Are you an established bank or challenger bank? Do you want to target a new demographic or market with an ultra-modern proposition with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art user experiences?

  • Lenders


    A lending platform for every loan type. Leveris provides a multi-purpose lending solution that’s fast, secure and paperless. Lending capabilities include mortgages and personal loans, SME and auto finance lending.

  • Credit Unions

    Credit Unions

    Leveris is a feature rich platform that provides all the functionality and services required by modern Credit Unions. Core functionality include the following: Credit Control, Workflow, Teller and Automated Transaction Processing, Loan Application Processing & Assessment, Integrated Nominal Ledger, Regulatory & Compliance Reporting.

  • Loan Servicers

    Loan Servicers & BPOs

    Leveris provides a modern, full service, integrated end-to-end solution for loan, finance and accounting BPO operations including real-time data warehousing and loan management portals.

  • Consumer Brands

    Consumer Brands

    Consumer brands including telcos, airlines or retail chains that want to enter the consumer banking or lending space, without exposure to the traditionally high capex outlay of developing their own solution.

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New technologies and falling barriers to entry are changing the financial services landscape rapidly. Traditional banks are losing out to a new breed of agile competitors, unencumbered by legacy technologies and regulation.

How can our platform help you?

Leveris' universal banking platform is the ideal solution for your project whether it be a digital bank, a lending platform, a credit union or many other financial products.


An end-to-end universal banking platform designed to deliver financial solutions for banks, lenders, credit unions and more.


A transparent pay-as-you-grow pricing model ensures costs are closely aligned to desired business outcomes.

Speed to market

Launch financial products that share no issues with any legacy IT infrastructure in weeks not months or years.

Open & Extensible

Service-oriented architecture and open APIs mean implementing only the services you want, while building profitable partnerships with market innovators.


Hosted via Amazon Web Services in a European cloud data centre. 24/7/365 support and hot failover disaster recovery. Resilience and availability at highest levels.


Access to real-time customer data and real-time data warehousing enables you become a data centric organisation and make better business decisions.

Focus on customers

Deliver beautiful user experiences for your customers without bad tech or middleware complexity getting in the way.

Monetise data

Use customer insights to offer tailored products and services through our real-time single view of customer & data warehousing capabilities.

Behavioural Learning

Use A.I. and Machine Learning to better understand your business. Apply predictive analytics to anticipate the future through real-time customer data.

The experts agree

“Leveris is building a marketplace banking platform to allow interoperable apps, services, APIs and more that allows banks and third parties to engage, collaborate and create value. They are different. They understand the orchestra and how to be a conductor.”
Chris Skinner

#1 Global Fintech Influencer

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We write about the value of technology and data in financial services and how they are changing the way banks deliver financial products.

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