The most technologically advanced core banking platform in the market.

A completely modern, modular, non-legacy banking platform that is specifically architected to address the key challenges facing banks today.

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An end-to-end digital solution.

We deliver everything you need to run and operate a profitable bank. From frontend interfaces to backend general ledgers and everything inbetween.

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The digital transformation platform

If you're considering transforming your current bank or launching a brand new challenger bank, Leveris Core Banking Platform delivers the most advanced banking platform in the market.

Everything begins and ends with the core.

A core banking system is essentially the nerve centre of a bank. Every transaction regardless of how or where it is generated eventually ends up at the core where reconciliation, reporting and accounting is finalised. The core is the bank.

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Who is Leveris for?

Whether you are a growing traditional or challenger bank, a large, multinational financial institution or a non-traditional banking organisation, Leveris has your technology needs covered.

  1. Traditional Bank

    Target a new demographic or market with an ultra-modern proposition with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art user experiences.

  2. Challenger Bank

    Established banks or new entrants that want to launch a challenger brand bank with stand-alone, cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art user experiences.

  3. Lender

    A lending platform for every loan type. Leveris provides a multi-purpose lending solution that’s fast, secure and paperless. Lending capabilities include mortgages and personal loans, SME and auto finance lending.

Don’t lose because of the technology you choose.

New technologies and falling barriers to entry are changing the financial services landscape rapidly. Traditional banks are losing out to a new breed of agile competitors, unencumbered by legacy technologies.

Why Leveris?

We’re bankers and builders, business analysts and biochemists, musicians and even rocket scientists. We’ve created the Leveris architecture from the ground up so that it can offer your customers a range of amazing financial services, chosen by you, and fully branded to your specifications. We’ve developed it to be a standalone entity, unencumbered by existing systems, and designed to grow as you want it to.

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