Hi, we're Leveris.

Leveris is a financial technology company with a team of 100+ specialists with core expertise in banking and financial services. We are headquartered in Dublin, with research and development centres in Prague and Minsk.

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What drives us

We’re bankers and builders, business analysts and biochemists, musicians and even rocket scientists. We’re also customers, and we’re fanatically customer focused. We’ve created the Leveris architecture from the ground up so that it can offer your customers a range of amazing financial services, chosen by you, and fully branded to your specifications. We’ve developed it to be a standalone entity, unencumbered by existing systems, and designed to grow as you want it to.


Fintech is a new and growing industry. By looking at current and future trends, we aim to build innovative financial products that are tangible, understandable, innovative and accessible to all.


Leveris aims to empower financial institutions to launch innovative financial products that deliver beautiful user experiences without bad tech or middleware complexity getting in the way.


We pride ourselves on our transparency. We speak openly and honestly about the company and our platform and provide our opinions on trends and happenings in the financial services industry, even if they differ from everyone else's views.

Built with passion and ingenuity

Some of us were engineers, UX designers, analysts and even rocket scientists before we found our calling here. Our backgrounds may vary across banking, business and tech but we’ve one key thing in common – we’ve all been customers.

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We're always looking for talent

Got what it takes to work with us? Send us a link to your CV or portfolio to become part of our family.