Leveris Banking Core.

Leveris Banking Core is a deep suite of fully integrated, back-end, middleware and front-end services and applications.

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Everything starts and ends with the core.

Most of the problems in the banking world today are due to the challenges created by legacy systems. So many new products and features have been bolted on to these Frankenstein core platforms that they have become impossible to manage, impossible to improve and very expensive to operate.

What are the problems?

Banking systems today tend to be built around the product. They’re characterised by multiple product systems delivering mono-line product solutions to customers.


Banking systems can't keep up with the exponential growth in volumes brought about by the digitization of banking, and soon the Internet of Things

Risk & Complexity

A typical traditional bank runs more than 600 inter-connected software applications which increase risk and complexity ten fold.

High Cost

Years and years of software upgrades and middleware solutions mean banks can spend up to €1bn a year just to maintain the system.

Speed to Market

Traditional banks running on legacy systems can take over one year to launch new products and services.

Inaccessible Data

Siloed data and complex systems make it nearly impossible for banks to use data in any meaningful way.

Bad User Experiences

Banking customers have come to expect great services at their fingertips. Unfortunately, banks cannot deliver.

"Two out of three core bank replacement systems fail at switchover at an average cost of €1Billion"

- McKinsey

How does Leveris Banking Core solve these problems?

The impact of technology inflexibility is already being felt by major banks. Our truly modern technology stack solves these problems.


The Leveris platform is a flexible, adaptable, and scalable technology stack that leverages data to scale to your needs and grows with you.

One Platform

The Leveris Banking platform delivers all retail products from the same platform; no more complex spagetti junction systems.


A transparent pay-as-you-grow pricing model ensures costs are closely aligned to desired business outcomes.

Rapid Deployment

Launch financial products that share no issues with any legacy IT infrastructure in weeks not months or years.

Real-time Data Access

Access detailed, real-time customer data through state-of-the-art data warehousing to understand your customers better.

Superior UX

Improve customer relationships across all channels and throughout the customer life cycle. Leveris allows you to create beautifully designed front-end applications.

How we deliver

The Leveris platform is full stack, meaning it’s a standalone, fully integrated suite of back-end, middleware and front-end services and applications. It is modular by design so applications can be plugged in as you need them. In effect, it is a new start with a new bank, unattached to legacy system issues.


Leveris boasts an extremely broad range of system integration and consulting partners, bringing you choice and a deep pool of experience to help with your system migration.

Cloud or On-premise

Our Core Banking system can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.The choice is yours. The economics of the cloud means you can pay as you grow and only pay for the space you use.

Modular platform

The Leveris Core Banking platform is modular, allowing for progressive innovation build/migration strategies, which dramatically reduces risk and speeds up time to market.

Continuous upgrades

We’ll look after upgrades, maintenance, platform compliance, servers, storage and all the other areas that detract from your day job. Which leaves you free to build great customer relationships through an excellent data-driven financial platform.

Legacy system inflexible?

Costing millions to run each year?