Leveris Channels & Interfaces

A suite of digital channels supported by the enterprise integration layer.

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Real-time digital banking.

You can now offer your customers a truly omnichannel banking platform. From transactional, deposit, saving, shared and joint accounts to budgeting and spending. Every device, every touchpoint, every communication is the same delightful experience. And you can now offer all of this, in real time.

Beautiful interfaces for bank staff too.

Beautiful interfaces should not only be available to your banking customers. We ensure that your bank staff has a 360 view of every customer from beautifully designed back-office interfaces.

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What are the problems?

Customers demand choice in how they bank and want to use whatever device and channel that is convenient to them. This leads to a variety of issues for banks who are run on legacy systems.

Customer Demands

Banks run on core legacy systems are unable to match the delightful user experiences their customers receive from tech companies in other industries.

Inaccessible Data

Legacy banking systems have customer data stored in siloed databases that make the data difficult to access and impossible to use in a valuable way.

No Single View of Customer

With customer data stored in a variety of places. Some accessible, some not, banks can never see a true 360-degree view of their customers.

Inconsistent Experiences

When web, mobile, app and branch deliver totally different experiences, it's not hard to see why banking customers are frustrated.

Slow Product Updates

Legacy systems are notoriously slow for product development and innovation. Product updates can take years to finally roll-out across different channels and devices.


With new channels and devices appearing every year, it's impossible for banks to keep up. It may take years before a new channel can be deployed.

"Customers care more about experiences. They just want to bank with ease and simplicity."

How does Leveris Channels & Interfaces solve these problems?

At Leveris, we care more about customers experiences and how to deliver the right message at the right time on the right device via the right channel.

Superior UX

Improve customer relationships across all channels and devices through beautifully designed front-end applications.

Single View of Customer

Truly know your customers, with every piece of data you have in one place. Know what products to offer and when. Timing is everything.

Rapid Deployment of Products & Services

Launch financial products that share no issues with any legacy IT infrastructure in weeks not months or years

Real-time Data

Access to real-time customer data and real-time data warehousing enables you to become a data-centric organisation and make better business decisions.

Analytics & Insights

Use our penetrating information to better understand your business. Apply predictive analytics to anticipate the future through current customer data.

Future Proofed

Build profitable partnerships with market innovators, using our open APIs to plug in the best products and services – creating a better customer experience on a platform you control.

How we deliver

The Leveris platform is full stack, meaning it’s a standalone, fully integrated suite of back-end, middleware and front-end services and applications. It is modular by design so applications can be plugged in as you need them. In effect, it is a new start with a new bank, unattached to legacy system issues.


Leveris boasts an extremely broad range of system integration and consulting partners, bringing you choice and a deep pool of experience to help with your system migration.

Cloud or On-premise

Our Core Banking system can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. The choice is yours. The economics of the cloud means you can pay as you grow and only pay for the space you use.

Modular Platform

The Leveris Core Banking platform is modular, allowing for progressive innovation build/migration strategies, which dramatically reduces risk and speeds up time to market.

Continuous Upgrades

We’ll look after upgrades, maintenance, platform compliance, servers, storage and all the other areas that detract from your day job. Which leaves you free to build great customer relationships through an excellent data-driven financial platform.

Leveris experience platform

Every channel, same great experience