Banks aren't failing customers so much as technology is failing banking @ConorFennelly Click To Tweet

A few weeks ago our founder, Conor Fennelly was asked to partake in the best fintech podcast on the planet, Fintech Insiders by the 11FS team.

Conor was joined on the podcast by the 11FS team of David Brear, Simon Taylor and Jason Bates and guests Mark Warrick, Director of Creative & Design at Thought Machine and Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos.

The theme of the episode was ‘Core Banking’ and how technology is inhibiting banks from delivering the user experiences its customers expect and demand. As the 11FS team state, ‘Bankers know what a great customer experience should look like, but they’re often prevented from delivering on that due to ancient legacy systems. And as long as they operate in a cobbled environment with 1,000 subsystems, they will never have a truly digital bank’.

Conor and the other guests discuss the steps to take to create a state-of-the-art core banking system that can deliver next-gen solutions.

You can listen to the podcast over on the 11FS blog by clicking here.