Getting a loan today is a truly awful customer (and banker) experience. The list of pain points is almost endless: KYC, AML, document printouts, bank statements, proof of address, proof of salary... A better way is long overdue.

A beautiful end-to-end experience

Nobody should need days off work to apply for a loan. Now at last you can offer borrowers a complete digital loan experience. From loan origination to document upload to loan drawdown, everything’s online.Your customer’s loan is automatically approved and available in minutes, meaning your overheads are also significantly lower.

Amazingly flexible loan manager

Managing things from the dashboard is easy. Your customers can decrease monthly payments, or take a month off. They can also increase payments to shorten the term. It’s their loan: it should be as flexible as they need it to be.

A high-functionality, fully integrated solution

Your Leveris platform comes with everything you need to write a loan. From back office support and CRM to valuation, underwriting, document archiving, customer support and the help centre, it’s all in the box. The process is fully integrated, a complete loan eco-system for everyone involved: underwriter, solicitor, valuer, insurance providers and third party property portals.

Best-in-class consumer banking from a full-service modular platform

But what does that mean for you the bank?

Cloud-based benefits

World-class banking software in a secure and resilient cloud environment, available to any organisation of any size. Technology and security previously only available to the largest banks.

Automated, smart credit algorithms

The flexibility to write your own credit algorithms, use our proprietary algorithms or integrate with traditional credit agencies. The loans self manage, allowing you to focus on your customer, with dramatically reduced opex and staff overheads.

Ultra-efficient processes

The touch-time of each credit application is significantly reduced through highly automated processes, resulting in materially lower business origination and management costs.

Powerful data

Our Single View of Customer gives you a fully rounded perspective on each customer, reducing service time and risk. The real-time nature of the data allows you to respond instantly to client or market events.

Better business

The Leveris platform actively encourages the growth of your business and more effective risk management, with a substantially lower-cost operating model to support business objectives.

Full stack, full service

Leveris is not just a middleware or front-end product. Neither do you have to fit the pieces together yourself. Our platform offers you a turnkey solution for rapid, low-cost deployment.

A full suite of products built on one
unique, end-to-end banking platform

  • General ledger
  • Payments hub
  • Real-time single view of customer
  • Real-time data warehousing
  • Document management system
  • Treasury & finance operations management
  • Capacity for automatic platform update for regulation and compliance

  • Client interface for back-office staff with single view of customer
  • Operational CRM (live chat/phone/SMS/email/social media)
  • Events & notifications engine
  • Task management system
  • Automated fraud & AML checks
  • Automated OCR data processing
  • Single rules & privileges engine
  • Business process management tool
  • Real-time customer insights tool
  • Open APIs enabling ‘plug in’ products, e.g. insurance
  • Priority & 3rd-party financial app shop
  • Customer data monetisation
  • Simplified digital onboarding (KYC)
  • Automated customer ID verification

  • Mortgages – all types supported by an integrated conveyancing ecosystem
  • Secured auto finance
  • Asset-secured SME

  • Personal loans
  • Day-to-day consumer micro-lending
  • Line of credit
  • SME microfinance