Digital transformation is not simply about delivering internet banking or developing a better mobile app. It’s not about tidying up your mid-tier or redesigning your back office interfaces. It’s not even about digitising your existing processes or moving your infrastructure to the cloud.

Digital transformation is the profound transformation of a bank’s organisational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities that come in this digital age.



Ultimately, it requires a total redesign of a banks core system and processes to help banks deliver exceptional products and services that are now being demanded by banking customers.

The reason why any of this matters is because banks are undergoing a fundamental change in the way they operate. A digital transformation involves a total rethink of how every aspect of your bank is run from a technological and operational perspective.

The good news?

The Leveris Core Banking Platform addresses all of these issues. In our first ever webinar, we showcase our new retail banking suite and discuss how each product addresses the pains of digital transformation projects. 


Topics covered in the webinar (with minutes when they start):

  1. Introduction
  2. Meet the panel. (1:00)
  3. What is true Digital Transformation? (2:20)
  4. The Leveris Platform and digital transformation. (6:10)
  5. Leveris Core. (12:30)
  6. Leveris Payment Hub. (18:10)
  7. Leveris Back Office Demo. (20:50)
  8. Leveris Data Science. (27:30)
  9. Leveris Data Science Demo. (30:10) 
  10. Leveris Operational Excellence. (33:00)
  11. Leveris Channels and Interfaces – Chatbot Beta – (AI and NLP) (41:20)
  12. Leveris Channels and Interfaces – Banking App Payment (44:35)
  13. Questions and Answers (47:50)