Digital disruption is occurring at every level in the banking industry. New competition, new technology, new regulation and heightened customer expectations are making incumbent banks increasingly vulnerable.

Banks must now think of new and innovative ways to survive in this ever-changing world or risk becoming a mere back-office utility. An expensive one at that.

The next evolution of banking will be digitally native. Those that are, will succeed. Those that are not, will struggle.

“Legacy banks and financial institutions with the same inventory could see profits decline 20% to 60% by 2025” – McKinsey

The leap from where most banks are today to becoming a digitally native bank is almost impossible given the complexity, scale, cost and options available.

Almost impossible. Until now.


Announcing: Leveris Retail Banking Suite (LRB) – The Digital Transformation Solution.

We are very excited to announce our upcoming launch of the latest version of the Leveris Core Banking Platform which now includes the Leveris Retail Banking Suite (LRBx).

Over the past 12 months, we have developed our new retail banking suite specifically to address the key challenges faced by financial institutions when considering a digital transformation project.


To mark this very special occasion, we are hosting a webinar on Wednesday, Jan 31st at 3pm GMT. – Register for the webinar here


Our CISO – Eoin Fleming and Head of Product – Paul Brennan will be joined by Bryan Carroll (former CTO of National Bank of Abu Dhabi) to talk digital transformation and how our new product set can help banks achieve true digital transformation. 

Leveris Retail Banking Suite


Topics to be covered:

 – What is true Digital Transformation?

 – How the LRBx platform can help you achieve your digital transformation goals?

 – The benefits of an event-based architecture

 – The power of real time data in financial services

 – Leveris Retail Banking Suite Product demos


It would be great if you could join us.


Here is the link again in case you missed it – Register for the webinar here