Who we are

We’re Leveris. We build banks. We build them so that financial providers can offer services quickly, differently and more beautifully than ever before.

Our headquarters are in Dublin with a research and development centre in Prague. That’s over 100 minds working together to create banking that works better for everyone.

Some of us were engineers, salespeople, analysts and even rocket scientists before we found our calling here. Our backgrounds may vary across banking, business and tech but we’ve one key thing in common – we’ve all been customers.

Why we’re here

As customers, we’ve watched industries like transport and accommodation cleverly use technology to transform with a rapidly evolving marketplace. Banking, however, has remained stuck in the past.

Traditional banks rely on 1970s technology and legacy systems that are complex, risky and expensive to modernise. That’s why any developments have been mere Band-Aids spread across much bigger wounds. ‘Internet banking’ emerged and changed little over the years. 20th-century systems were squeezed onto smaller screens and dubbed ‘mobile banking’. It simply wasn’t good enough.

So back in 2014, when we saw an opportunity to transform the industry and to save customers like us from banking migraines, we jumped at it. The FinTech industry ballooned around us, with new players emerging all the time as we developed our proposition.

The questions surrounding FinTech began to change, from whether financial startups could compete against traditional banks, to which of the now-successful startups would offer the best deal for banks looking to up their digital ante.

We’ve watched these developments with interest because we know that we’ve got something utterly different. We haven’t just built a one-size-fits-all bank or rushed to jump on the FinTech bandwagon with a middleware product that only fulfills a few needs. We’re not interested in doing what everyone else is doing.

Instead, we’ve taken our time to create and develop a full-service, end-to-end, adaptable banking platform from scratch. Essentially, it’s a bank in a box for anyone who wants to make their customers’ lives easier, without ever having to worry about the underlying technology. And it will help those who use it to change banking forever.

But more on our platform to come in upcoming posts. For now, let us give you a snapshot of how we got here…

What happened next

Once we recognised the problem that banking faced, we began dreaming up ways to change it. To ground these dreams in reality, we started to work with our first client, a well-established Tier 1 European bank. With over 230 years of financial experience, we knew that with their strength, reliability and history matched with our technological expertise, we could create something special.

From their perspective, they began to see ways in which they could finally unlock the power of their consumers’ data, to simplify the banking process – for them and their customers – and to offer new, innovative services through the power of technology.

As the platform began to grow, so too did our excitement. We realised that it could be adaptable for any bank, traditional or challenger. Not only that, it could be used by anyone looking to provide a fully compliant financial service at low cost, in a very short timeframe. So a supermarket could use the platform to launch its own credit card, or an airline could set up a lending product that offered great rates and monetary rewards to customers.

The possibilities were endless and we began envisaging a world in which every financial transaction stemmed from one comprehensive system.

We made the platform modular, so that future clients would be able to pick and choose the products they’d always wanted to supply but hadn’t been able to before. And we created a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ system to make it even easier for them to implement.

Our focus shifted slightly over the years. Ultimately, we still wanted to deliver a better UX for every banking customer but we decided to achieve this by enabling the banks themselves to provide this kind of service. In short, we developed our platform so that banking visionaries could change banking forever.

At Leveris, we like to say that we’re the turning point of banking. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out for yourself by requesting a demo and get ready to make history.