Modernise your bank


Banks are struggling with the issue of what to do with their ageing infrastructure and codebase. The systems that have served them well for the last 20 years are, for the most part, still there and still doing their jobs adequately from a performance perspective. However, banks are struggling with the imperative for change in how they interact with their customers, introduce new and innovative products and counter the threats to their business posed by Fintech challengers.

Last week our founder and CEO Conor Fennelly presented a keynote speech at NOAH 17 in London. In the presentation, Conor describes why banking is being held back by legacy technology and explains the limited options banks currently have to drive any type of change.

He illustrates how the Leveris solution allows banks to migrate their ageing infrastructure and capabilities in a way that manages the risk of migration, improves efficiency, lowers costs and most importantly, enables flexible innovation under the control of the banks to thrive as part of the Fintech ecosystem. All of this whilst also owning the customer relationship ongoing to deliver a clear path to project success.