Back in May and June of this year, our Founder and CEO Conor Fennelly was invited by the Financial Services Club (Chris Skinner and Co.) to take part in a 3 country tour promoting the concept of open platforms, open marketplaces, apps and API’s.

We presented to The Financial Services Club in London in late May and then joined our peers in Norway and Sweden to present to the leaders of Nordic Fintech in coordination with the amazing people at Nordic Finance Innovation. Big shout out and thanks to Iren Tranvåg and Narve Hansen for organising an amazing event.

We were joined by some amazing companies such as Solaris Bank,, Bud, Saxo Bank and Jason Bates from 11FS.

What was encouraging to hear from all our fellow presenters was that we all believed in the same ideal. That banks and financial institutions of the future will embrace the open marketplace business model to deliver outstanding user experiences that go beyond banking and financial services.

We are all singing from the same hymn sheet. Which means either we are all delusional or we all have our fingers on the pulse of financial services. Only time will tell.

Below is one of the interviews that Chris did with Conor while we were in Oslo, Norway.

We hope you enjoy it. It shares our vision of the banking future and also how a traditional bank could move to our platform to become a serious digital player in the future.


This interview and all the others originally appeared on The Finanser website. Link here.