We are very excited to announce that we have been chosen to demo at Finovate Europe 2017.

As a result of this success, we will be attending Finovate Europe in London on February 7th & 8th 2017, to present our core banking and lending platform. We will also be meeting the leading global financial institutions to share the vision of Leveris and how cloud-native banking platforms will shape the future of financial services.

On choosing Leveris to present at this years event, Finovate stated,

“At Finovate, we try to find leading fintech innovators from around the globe, and we give them a platform to show our attendees the products and services that will have a huge impact on financial services in the coming years.” Said Greg Palmer, VP of Finovate. “Leveris is doing some great work in the field of banking software, and we are delighted to have them present at FinovateEurope 2017.”


About FinovateEurope:

FinovateEurope is a demo-based conference for innovative startups and established companies in the fields of banking and financial technology. Held in London, the event offers an insight-packed glimpse of the future of finance via a fast-paced, intimate, and unique format. FinovateEurope is organised by The Finovate Group. For more information on the event or to view videos of previous demos, please visit finovate.com.”

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