Leveris Banking as a Service (BaaS) technology is accelerating the transformation of financial services. It has been designed as a cost-effective, flexible and quick-to-market banking and lending solution for challenger brands and new customer propositions.

The Leveris full-service banking platform

Leveris banking core elements

  • General ledger
  • Payments hub
  • Real-time single view of customer
  • Real-time data warehousing
  • Document management system
  • Treasury & finance operations management
  • Automatic platform update for regulation and compliance

The technology

The Leveris platform is a self-contained, end-to-end product.
It scales to your needs and grows with you.

Low-risk rapid deployment

Dramatically reduce setup risk and maintain your new platform for a fraction of the cost of a legacy system. Compete in the market and grow your margins, with minimal capex and a more efficient opex.

Superior customer experience

Improve customer relationships across all channels and throughout the customer life cycle. Leveris allows you to create beautifully designed front-end applications and single customer view.

Leverage data for profit

Access detailed, real-time customer data through state-of-the-art data warehousing, understand customers better and present tailored, relevant in-house and third party offers.

Modular SOA design

Service-oriented architecture means using only the services you want. Choose lending but not deposits, payments but not cards: run any combination of your own and third party products on a single system.

Open and extensible

Built on open-source components, using open standard formats, APIs and protocols. New technology innovations are easily integrated, keeping you up to date with technology change.

Multi-deployment options

Leveris has two deployment options: in the cloud or local. The choice is yours. The economics of the cloud mean you can pay as you grow and only pay for the space you use.

Automatic platform upgrades

The platform’s automatic upgrades means that you are always up to date with the latest version. While we’re taking care of the technology you can focus completely on your customers.

Highly secure

Hosted via Amazon Web Services in a European cloud data centre. 24/7/365 support and hot failover disaster recovery. Resilience and availability at highest levels.

Compliance focused

Automatic compliance and updates to meet platform regulatory requirements including Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering.

“The industry has a fight on its hands. To win, banks will have to beat newcomers at their own game, delivering intuitive and emotionally rich customer experiences…and need to capitalize fully on their biggest advantages, data and access to the customer”

McKinsey Global Banking Annual review 2015

The stack

The Leveris platform is full stack, meaning it’s a standalone, fully integrated suite of back-end, middleware and front-end services and applications. There is no need for any additional third party software or integration. It is modular by design so applications can be plugged in as you need them. In effect, it is a new start with a new bank, unattached to legacy or old system issues.

Data services

  • Direct data access
  • NoSQL
  • Audit database
  • Operational data store
  • Security database
  • LDAP
  • Data warehouse

Business domain services

  • General ledger
  • Manager
  • Workflow engine (rules & tasks)
  • Job scheduler
  • CRM
  • Events & message manager
  • Analytics

Application Layer

  • Retail bank platform
  • KYC, AML
  • SMS, email, push, in-app, social
  • Product catalog
  • Mortgage manager platform
  • Lending platform

3rd Party API Integrations

  • Cards
  • KYC
  • AML
  • Analytics
  • Payments


  • Underwriter
  • Valuer
  • Solicitor
  • Loan manager
  • Mortgage manager
  • Retail bank


  • Loan manager
  • Mortgage manager
  • Core bank
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • iOS
  • Android